Ambi Pur Exotic Jasmin Car Kit 7.5ml
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Ambi Pur Exotic Jasmin Car Kit 7.5ml

299 (Tax Included)

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We know that your car means a lot to you and its more than just a vehicle, it is also a friend and companion! Ambi Purs Car fragrances will make you love driving in your car even more! Ambi Pur Car Fresheners are designed to give you a soothing drive experience even on bumpy Indian Roads. The Gel based Car fresheners can be conveniently placed on your dashboard or cupholder. No more worries about liquid freshener spill in car! Our olfactory senses when exposed to soothing fragrances can have a relaxing and calming effect. so, all you need is to breathe… breathe happy with Ambi Pur! A happy home is a healthy home, and it all begins with the air you and your loved ones breathe. Imagine fresh morning air in the hills, or the cool reinvigorating sea breeze. Now imagine the odours hiding in plain sight because you have become so used to them. Ambi Pur Air Effects is the air freshener that completely eliminates household odour instead of masking it, thanks to its patented OdourClearTM technology, while also leaving behind a mild enjoyable fragrance.




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